Why Hygieia Turkey
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Why Hygieia Turkey

Why Hygeia Turkey in Medical & Beauty Treatments Turkey?

Deciding doe a treatment or surgery is not easy , especially when it comes to treatment abroad

Its important to have a professionall consult and assitance team with medical background in all the treatment steps , before and after the surgery. 

At this point Hygieia Turkey medical professional team has a unique position

individual needs based approach and gains high satisfaction among patients who get in contact from Turkey and also all over the world.

Here are some points you reach with us ;

  • With the first phone call or email you get in contact with our medical coordinator (Assist Prof Dr) who has 20 years of experience in the medical & nursing sector and speaks Turkish, German and English languages
  • Detailed medical assessment and counseling opportunity from experts with e-Health methods.
  • Treatment plan opportunity by experts based on individual needs
  • Reply to e-mails in a short time
  • Detailed information sharing by the medical coordinator (Assist Prof Dr) before the flight planing
  • Diagnosis and treatment planning and execution of the diagnosis and treatment programs by expert teams
  • Determination of the clinic or diagnostic center by experts according to your spsific needs 
  • High standards of health and care services for reasonabel prices
  • Use of high quality materials (botox, fillers, breast prostheses, implants, veneers, laminated, etc.) in all the procedures
  • Maximum time for each patient in surgery and treatments, a completly "Boutique" health care system
  • Special care after surgery, follow-up and private nursing services
  • Control visits at the hotel according to need after hospital discharge
  • Repeated controls after hospital discharge at our private clinic office 
  • After return home, sustained counseling via e-Health
  • Examination and consultation opportunity in Germany and England
  • Support in airport pickup, accommodation etc.
  • Hygieia Turkey team the ability to reach 24 hours